Food Aid to Socially Vulnerable Population in the Context of Response to the Challenges of the Time: Agricultural Technologies, Industrial Food Production Technologies, Infrastructure

Given the crisis nature of the current position associated with the agitation of socio-political processes in world financial relations, the need to overcome the results of the pandemic, governments are attractive adaptive measures to support two together the population and the economies of their nations as a whole. Russia is attractive targeted measures. Moving in various directions should to solve issues in the food manufacturing. One of these involves providing drink distribution as a direct form of support for the people. The second direction includes the implementation of comprehensive measures. In particular, the exercise of structural corrects covering all circles of production, the frugality and the social sphere. As for the Russian saving, this is a problem of extreme political and friendly significance: providing feed for socially vulnerable classifications of the population, forbiding poverty in the land sector. Purpose: to gain new information on creating a sustainable provisions system, in the framework of responding to the challenges of moment of truth as part of the exercise of adaptation measures related to the agitation of socio-political processes in globe economic connections, overcoming the results of a pandemic, to consider the interplay of all participants while ensuring the feeding relationships among organisms from the field (farm) to the counter within the foundation of the industrial concept.

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Oksana V. Shumakova,
Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Education Omsk State Agricultural University, Omsk, Russia and Rector of the Omsk State Agrarian University, Omsk, Russia.

Victor F. Stukach,
Department of Marketing and Management, Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Education Omsk State Agricultural University, Omsk, Russia.

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Keywords: Response to the challenges of the time, overcoming the consequences of the pandemic, domestic food assistance to socially

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