The Design of a Smart Intelligent Device for Visually Handicapped

The World Health Organisation reports that 4% of the realm’s community is optically impaired and 90% of the optically injured reside depressed-salary settings. This paper presents an creative cheap ploy to reinforce the maneuverability of the visually thwarted consumer and path the consumer in honest-time. The projected design will assist in the flexibility of the visibly injured with an something added of danger ideas accompanying a person device. The instrument form use of machine intelligence to found a sensor network utilizing an ultrasonic sensor, and a water sensor. The system involves a siren and a vibrator to alert the consumer of barriers or noticed slippery surfaces, permissive the consumer in preventing the hazards. The system includes GSM and GPS modules to permit ideas betwixt the device consumer and their caretakers and send the matches of the consumer in the form of a quotation message.This tool is creative and smart as it revises the optically injured caretaker each two hours accompanying welcome/her matches. The design is designed from off-the-jutting and light elements making it light, available, and handy. Overall, bureaucracy aims to provide a cheap and adept guiding along route, often over water arrangement/instrument which gives a sense of affected apparition by providing certain-occasion atmosphere information about the sketch of changeless and active surroundings about them and following in evident-occasion. The system contains an crisis switch to be used to alert a person or janitor.

Author(s) Details:

Smita Francis,
Faculty of Engineering, Namibia University of Science and Technology, Windhoek, Namibia.

Sicilia Mutilifa,
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Namibia University of Science and Technology, Windhoek, Namibia.

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Keywords: GSM, GPS, ultrasonic sensor, water sensor, microcontroller, visually impaired

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