Global Learning in the Twenty-First Century: Essential General Education in Higher Education Institutions

In this item, we investigate the process of worldwide learning and explore reason it makes sense to sink this process in the general education programs of higher education organizations. A valued knowledge outcome in university is now global knowledge. For students to get the global competencies and idea patterns required to favorably navigate our progressively interconnected and complex world, they need frequent and ongoing knowledge opportunities. This essay makes the case that it hopeful beneficial to contain an introductory global studies course in the general knowledge studies of all undergraduate graduates. An introductory worldwide studies course, when taken early as part of the general knowledge studies curriculum, gives all juniors the chance to start making connections across disciplines and to form vision in one’s mind original solutions to issues in the private and public subdivisions. An introductory all-encompassing studies course can jumpstart a process of global knowledge, where graduates gain knowledge of world challenges, evolve intercultural competencies and determine how to intensely engage complex global issues. Students will need their worldwide education practices of mind and preparation with more reason before given the demands of our everywhere interconnected humankind in the twenty-first century. When higher education organizations incorporate a worldwide learning experience into their general knowledge studies programmes, they can successfully kickstart the process of all-encompassing learning on their campuses.

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María Luisa Flores Urpe,
National University of San Marcos, Peru.

Kenneth Delgado Santa Gadea,
National University of San Marcos, Peru.

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Keywords: General education, global learning, internationalization, global studies, higher education, intentionality, integrated learning, civic engagement

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