Interactive Weight Loss Prediction Tool

Over the years researchers across the globe identified that obesity could lead to diabetes, hypertension, heart related diseases and others. It can reduce the quality of life and cause other major complications. Both traditional weight loss methods and bariatric weight loss surgery have focused on adult population, but recent studies have shown the need to expand this work to adolescent population. Bariatric Surgery proved to a valuable weight loss tool for people whom traditional weight loss methods have failed. The weight loss surgery results in improved quality of life and plays a significant role in resolving co-morbidities. Though given the widespread advantages, only a fraction of eligible people get this surgery. Barriers include lack of access to healthcare, insurance coverage and other related costs and lack of interactive informational resources for patients and families on how the surgery may help to reduce weight over time. Using predictive modeling techniques, the interactive weight loss calculator aptly serves this purpose. It provides much needed information for patients and families what to expect from a bariatric surgery and how one may lose weight post bariatric surgery. It also serves as a valuable tool for clinical team to intervene early in the process to help patient sustain the weight loss post-surgery.

Author(s) Details:

Pavan Kumar Chundi,
UC Health, Greater Cincinnati, USA.

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Keywords: Prediction model, piecewise linear regression, bariatric surgery, SAS, R, tableau

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