Semen Characteristics and Superoxide Dismutase and Malondialdehyde Levels in Peshmerga Forces Exposed to Chemical Weapons during the ISIS-Related War

The labeling of chemical armaments as “weapons of mass destruction” climaxes their possible damaging results on many civilians’ strength. The effect of chemical armament agents has happened documented to cause reproductive toxicity and have antagonistic effects on beginning, leading to unproductiveness in those exposed to those synthetic agents. This study reasonings the semen fluid and follows up the unprotected Peshmerga forces to the chemical armament during the ISIS war. A potential cohort study at which point 58 exposed Peshmerga in three chemical attacks, distinguished with the alike number of the non-exposed Peshmerga. Semen fluid reasoning was performed for all, makeing inquiries after individual year. The serum level of two together MDA and SOD was measured. An individual’s BMI was premeditated. The participants’ mean age in this place study is (32.5) years in the case group while (35.5) age in the control group, with a standard deviation of 5 age in both groups. All players are male, and no gender effect be visualized. All chronic sicknesses have been expelled from the study. The mean body mass index is 22.4, accompanying a standard deviation of about 3.1 kg/m. Hypospermia grown in 18% of the exposed group (20% of the total shareholders), oligospermia (20% overall, only 3% of these in the non-exposed), and depreciated motility in 19% of all participants, but 16 concerning this 19% where the unprotected group with meaningful relative risk results, while morphology not exchanged in both groups, likewise the findings showed that important elevation in MDA level and SOD project. Chemical weapons can considerably affect source fluid analysis and interpretation through determinable disturbances in the volume and report of sperm, while the allotment of abnormal semen counts has been raised considerably in peoples unprotected to chemical armaments. However, the morphology of source fluid sperms has not changed alike, and it’s function cannot be estimated. Even when functioning, the genetic mistakes on future generations grant permission need further testing.

Author(s) Details:

Yasin Kareem Amin,
Hawler Medical University, College of Medicine General Directorate of the Medco Legal Institute of Kurdistan Region, Iraq.

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Keywords: Exposure, peshmerga, semen fluid analysis, MDA, SOD

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