A Brief Note on Important Freshwater Ornamental Fishes

Ornamental bob are a extraordinary creation of character. Ornamental chum production is the second most favorite amusement in the world and the number of decorative chum-consistency enthusiasts is growing occurring every day. Ornamental find cultivation is an ancient practice. The fishes were observed in the fish tank are used to beautify the house. Recently, they have busy an main position in monetary business, especially in winning convertibility. A good site combined accompanying the use of persuasive rearing and rearing patterns will influence profitable decorative farming. The training and result methods for ornamental bob will change contingent upon their residence for reproduction and intellectual incident.

Author(s) Details:

M. Vasantharajan,
Fish Feed Mill, TNFDC, Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu India.

Please see the link here: https://stm.bookpi.org/CERB-V3/article/view/9198

Keywords: Ornamental fish farming, psychological development, aquarium, commercial trade

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