Role of Farmers’ Participation in Technology Development and Dissemination Processes to Improve Sugarcane Varieties in Kakamega County, Kenya

Improved sugarcane types have been developed and advanced in Kenya, to enhance sugarcane output. However, their acceptance by farmers is reduced. This paper investigated this wonder in attempt to underpin factors that would improve acceptance of these types by farmers.It examined the friendship between growers’ participation The study used cross-localized survey research design. Target population was 137,355 tiny sugarcane farmers from Kakamega County, from which a sample of 384 ranchers was randomly selected. Questionnaires were used to accumulate data, that was analyzed using explanatory and inferential enumerations. The study established limited partnership of sugarcane farmers in the incident and dissemination of improved sugarcane types. Farmers’ acceptance of upgraded sugarcane varieties and their involvement in their happening and dissemination were erect to be significantly compared. It was discovered that a reliable sign of these varieties’ reputation by farmers was how many age the farmers had created them. According to research findings, continuation service providers must support farmers with the essential information about the revised varieties. Utilization of farmer Participatory Technology Development and Dissemination approaches need expected enhanced in the incident and dissemination of improved sugarcane electronics. The study could assist researchers and continuation service providers in designing and disseminating improved electronics through practical and favorable methods that increase their acceptability by peasants. Farmers may gain from the verdicts by realising the roles they must play in the creation and ratification of technology. It will further be possible to add to the methodical study of part of material world on PTD & D related to laborers’ acceptance of advanced science.

Author(s) Details:

Caroline M. Thuo,
Kenya Agricultural & Livestock Research Organization, Department of Technology Transfer, PO Box 388-00217, Limuru, Kenya.

Justus M. Ombati,
Department of Agricultural Education and Extension, Egerton University, PO Box 536-20115, Egerton, Kenya.

Agnes O. Nkurumwa,
Department of Agricultural Education and Extension, Egerton University, PO Box 536-20115, Egerton, Kenya.

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Keywords: Improved sugarcane varieties, technology development, dissemination, acceptability, farmers, participation

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