Development of Vibrations Indicators for Rotating Machines Monitoring: Case of Gas Turbines

The quivering monitoring of rotating vehicle use indicators, their various values allow us to run a suggestion of correction the machines, If the limit profit, defined by the averages of these indicators surpassed limits an analysis and fault inquiries will be required. These limits are delimited by norms, we cite average ISO 10816.By a new and particular calculations of machines quiverings responses we will try in this limited work to define, in a plain way, development of a new forecast method for the shakings rotating machines response and quivering limites opttimization.We have used numerical judgment by finished dissimilarities where it will be used the model spring–mass plan, we calculated the reaction of the system according to movement parameters of the model details used (rigidity, dampen and frequency).The maximum free response of spring-masse system is function of the dampen and stiffness coefficients; it is presented by the efforts opposite to that of the excitation. It’s depicted by the ratio of inflexibility coefficient to that of dampen and including expression of only normal frequency [1-3].The ratio of maximum forced shakings, at a constant frequency, and the free shakings is equal to the percentage of damping and the stiffness coefficients.In prior study we have optimized standards limits of machines vibration by using the neverending ratio of still allowable values to admissible for all groups of machines affirming the norm ISO 10816-1. We presumed that the admissible absoluate vibrations principles according standards corresponds to equilibrium. We have additional the admissible limit quiverings to the still admissible values, and to additional thresholds. An approximation calculation display that we can increase norms only before.An algorithm for fault disease in industrial alternating machines facing new operating conditions rise is developed on the action of input indicators, elicited from vibrations spectrums. Indicators collection is used to improve diagnosis efficiencies by the help of a mixture approach using several collection criteria and various classifiers [4-6].In this study we also elaborated a new sign definition of machines shakings, we choses importants machines, gas turbines. The indicator is the percentage of absolute to relative vibration, it’s the categorical vibrations of posture per unit of rotor vibrations dislocation. It’s the ratio of the RMS certain value of the bearing to the rotor shakings velocity, that gives us information on the evolution of the defaults.This idea of vibration signs of rotating machines, allows to have more chance to monitor them. Norms secondhand are ISO 10816-4 and ISO 7919-4, which include certain and relative value thresholds.We hope that on machines taking advantage, the practical application of these signs will be useful, And too that this work will be developed in future and will enhance scientific research or in general area.

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Bendjaima Belkacem,
600 logements- M’sila- Algeria.

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Keywords: Absolate vibrations, relative vibrations, vibrations indicators, vibrations norms

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