Managing the Engineering Projects through the GIS Tools: A Recent Study

Nowadays, big cities, to a degree Jeddah, have a significant number of projects in various locales. As a result, there is an crucial need to implement a comprehensive and entirely integrated Project Management Solution (using the Primavera Enterprise series) that includes all projects now under construction or recently awarded in a single concentrated database. The unification of Primavera data in the dimensional database is required in this place context. This projected solution will assist Stakeholders in correctly allocating staff to check the risks predicted to complete the project according to schedule and within the supposed budget. In this sense, the significance concerning this research, which is aimed at finding a cutting-edge IT answer that automates all Enterprise Project Management System procedures and conventions and offers linkage to geographic facts systems programs ArcGIS to remodel conventional project administration data output and reports into facts within a terrestrial/location framework. Thus, visualizing project management output like uninterrupted/Gantt charts and/or tabular projects had connection with work status, comments, and flags and joining this information in the presence of maps and layouts. The present study presents a comprehensive unification solution to gain a link and a connection between attribute dossier coming from EPMS Primavera(P6) and Geographic dimensional data (district) by using GIS software., geotechnical, geophysical, and field surveys, attracting on specific regions and not spending exertion and time in useless points.

Author(s) Details:

A. M. Abdel-Wahab,
Civil Engineering Department, National Research Centre, Egypt.

O. M. Malek,
Department of Civil Engineering, Higher Technological Institute, 10th of Ramadan City, Egypt.

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Keywords: Geographic Information System (GIS), Enterprise Project Management System (EPMS), Integration, attribute data Geographic spatial data

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