Mathematics: An Important Predictor of Science Achievement

This episode examined the relationship ‘tween eighth grade students’ science and arithmetic achievements and the determining determinants of science achievement utilizing TIMSS 2019 data for Malaysia. A total of 7,065 students competed in TIMSS 2019 with an average score 488.08 and standard deviation 92.77 for erudition, and 488.24 with standard deviation 91.32 for arithmetic. A significantly high equivalence was observed middle from two points the two scores.The multiple reversion analysis science realization showed that mathematics scores, being male, continually speak the language of test at home, bearing educated parents, juniors liking and valuing learning as well as having assurance in science had a significant helpful influence on science achievement. Efforts to raise science achievement endure include strategies and endeavors that would motivate students to like knowledge mathematics and science, to acknowledge the value of and have confidence in two together subjects.

Author(s) Details:

Halimah Awang,
Social Wellbeing Research Centre, Universiti Malaya, Malaysia.

Abdul Latif Haji Salleh,
Universiti Sultan Azlan Shah, Malaysia.

Tan Lih Yoong,
Social Wellbeing Research Centre, Universiti Malaya, Malaysia.

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Keywords: TIMSS Malaysia 2019, science score, mathematics, multiple regression

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