Tensor Product of 2-Frames in 2-Hilbert Spaces: Its Application to Industry

2-frames in 2-Hilbert rooms are investigated, and few results are bestowed. The tensor product of 2-frames in 2-Hilbert scopes is defined. It was displayed that the tensor merchandise of two 2-frames is a 2-frame for the tensor product of Hilbert rooms. Some results on the tensor product of two frames have existed settled.

Author(s) Details:

G. Upender Reddy,
Department of Mathematics, University College of Science, Mahatma Gandhi University, Nalgonda, T.S, India.

Please see the link here: https://stm.bookpi.org/RHMCS-V7/article/view/10002

Keywords: Tensor product, 2-inner product spaces, frames, 2-frames

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