Cancer journals retract ten papers, flag eight additional, and apologize for the delay

Five journals printed by an outstanding cancer analysis society have backwards a complete of ten papers — most of them by a former investigator at the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston.

Nine of the ten retractions share that investigator, Republic of India Aggarwal, as AN author. Aggarwal — United Nations agency quite 5 years past vulnerable to sue America for news on AN investigation into his work — is currently up to twenty-eight retractions, and has left his post at MD Anderson. The AACR is additionally appending AN editor’s note to eight of his alternative papers — however it’s not explained the rationale for what it acknowledges may be a lag in moving on these articles.

“Unfortunately, we’ve got been delayed in correcting the printed record, and for this, we have a tendency to apologize,” writes the publisher of The yankee Association for Cancer analysis (AACR), Christine Rullo, in an exceedingly note during this month’s issue of Cancer analysis. Rullo doesn’t say however long the journals took to handle the retractions.

The articles by Aggarwal and colleagues date as way back as 2006, and are cited from twenty six to 167 times, per Clarivate Analytics’ net of Science. They concern varied basic science aspects of cancer, together with the study of “natural products” corresponding to curcumin.

The tenth retraction includes authors Nivedita Sain, of The Institute for Cancer analysis (ICR) in Surrey, UK, and Paul working person, United Nations agency is president of the ICR. each conjointly co-authored a paper in Cancer therapy and medical specialty — not an AACR journal — that was corrected in Gregorian calendar month.

Not AN isolated case

We recently wrote concerning long delays at Cancer analysis involving another investigator, Anil Jaiswal. therein case, once nearly 2 years, some articles that the University of Maryland at metropolis, Jaiswal’s former leader, had requested be backward, still weren’t.

In her publisher’s note nowadays, Rullo wrote:

We have considerably improved our procedures and processes in order that going forward, we are able to create these corrections to the printed record in an exceedingly additional timely manner. it’ll take many months to publish varied kinds of corrections relating to variety of older cases on that we have a tendency to square measure operating.

We’ve asked Rullo what semiconductor diode to the delays on the papers backward nowadays, and can update with something we have a tendency to learn.