Cancer researcher at OSU up to nine retractions

A cancer researcher and emeritus professor at The Ohio State University has retracted four more papers, bringing his total to nine from a single journal.

The four retractions of work by Samson Jacob appear in the Journal of Biological Chemistry, from which Jacob retracted five papers in March. The original papers — one of which has been cited more than 250 times — date back to 2002.

OSU declined to say whether Jacob’s work was under investigation:

Under federal regulations and university policy, Ohio State University can neither confirm nor deny that the university has any investigation in progress. The university  is not aware of any pending retractions involving Samson Jacob.

All of the retraction notices say that the journal had questioned some figures, and that

The authors stand by the reproducibility of the experimental data and the conclusions of the paper. The paper, with confirmatory data supporting the results, can be obtained by contacting the authors.

At this point, “there are no impending corrections, withdrawals, and/or retractions,” according to an announcement today by the journal.

The four papers retracted today are:

Jacob’s work focuses on the biological pathways that lead to cancer, particularly liver and breast tumors. In 2014, he received OSU’s Distinguished Scholar Award, which includes a $3,000 honorarium and a $20,000 research grant. (An OSU page announcing that prizeappears to have either been taken down or changed.)

Jacob did not immediately respond to a request for comment. In addition to the nine retractions, he has had at least one paper corrected.

The Jacob case is just one of several with which OSU has been grappling over the past few years. Another cancer researcher, Carlo Croce, has been dogged by allegations, but the university has not found him guilty of misconduct. And in March, OSU released a report finding misconduct by another cancer researcher, Ching-Shih Chen.

Source: Retraction Watch