Emphasizing Location of Collinear Equilibrium Points in the Generalized Photogravitational Elliptic Restricted Three Body Problem

In the generalized photogravitational elliptic limited three-body problem, we tried to find the position of collinear equilibrium points. In the sense that both the primaries are known as Oblate spheroids, the problem is generalized. By photogravitational, we say that both primaries also radiate. For the direction of collinear point L1, we have found the solution. We discovered that the position of collinear point L1 is influenced by terms of oblateness, excentricity and radiation factor. Also, we get the same terms as in the classical elliptical limited three body problem when these terms are ignored. For the placement of collinear points L2 and L3, the same method can be applied.

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Sanjay Kumar
Department of Mathematics, R.D.S. College, Muzaffarpur, Bihar-842002, India.

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