Peer Review History: Variability of Soil Chemical Properties in Rice Field of South-Western Bangladesh

Chemical properties of soil of an area control the type of crops to be grown. Chemical characteristics of soil represent the nature of genetic process, its development and nutrient status. Crop production in the saline soil is constrained by salt accumulation in the root zone. Soil salinity has adverse effects on the physical and chemical properties of soil as well as on plant growth and yield. This research showed that the pH of soil in the Rice Fields of south western part of Bangladesh was slightly acidic to neutral (6.38 to 6.68), soil salinity (EC) contents were in the range of slight to moderately saline (2.31 to 4.52 dS m-1). Though, the concentration of total N (0.08 to 0.117%), K(1354.05 to 2206.6 ppm), SO42- (0.005 to 0.009 ppm), Mg2+(0.006 to 0.016%), Ca2+  (0.035 to 0.122%) and Fe2+ (13.31 to 33.5 ppm) had been observed low but available PO43- (142.9 to 373.5 ppm) and Nacontent (643 to 1802.3 ppm) were high. To get high yield from these Fields, the constraints should be minimised by supplying or preserving the nutrients by integrated soil fertility management using organic and inorganic fertilisers followed by salinity control through proper drainage, use of salt free water and fertilisers (eg. Chloride).


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