Study on Reading and Writing Abilities of Thai and Migrant Students on the Use of Phonics Method

Using the phonics approach, this study looked at the reading and writing abilities of Thai and immigrant students. The students in this study were from Wat Sirimongkol School in Samut Sakorn Province, and they were in Grade 1 Thai and immigrant students. Purposive sampling was used to pick the students who were sampled. Pre- and post-test reading and writing skill assessment forms were used as testing methods in this report. Multivariate analysis of variance, or MANOVA, was used to interpret the collected data. The study discovered that Grade 1 Thai and migrant students who had received Phonics training performed better on the first and second post-tests than on the pre-tests, with a statistical significance of.01. The phonics approach allows students to practise reading and writing from beginning to end, giving them more opportunities to rehearse of sound and practise reading and writing, and thus has a huge positive effect on their learning.

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Rungarun Rojrattanadamrong Chaisri
Faculty of Education, Srinakharinwirot University, Bangkok, Thailand.

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