Studies on the Domains of Regularly Solvable Operators in the Direct Sum Spaces

We give a characterization of all regularly solvable operators and their adjoints generated by a general ordinary quasi-differential expressions (jp )in the direct sum Hilbert spaces L (w )2 (a p,b p),p=1,…,N, given…

Studies on the Deficiency Indices of Product Differential Operators in Direct Sum Spaces

Author (s) Details Dr. Sobhy El-Sayed Ibrahim Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Science, Benha University, P.O. Box 13518, Benha, Egypt. View Book :-

Studies on the Product of Integro Quasi-Differential Equations and Their Solutions in Direct Sum Spaces

Author(s) Details Prof. Dr. Sobhy El-Sayed Ibrahim Faculty of Science, Department of Mathematics, Benha University, P.O.Box 13518 Benha, Egypt. View Book :-